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Young lady Mia was active as OM3KAP

The worldwide event YOTA took place in December 2023 again. Call OM23YOTA was active in Slovakia and under this call also worked young lady Mia (daughter of Tibor OM5NU and Marta OM5YL).

She liked HAM radio so much that she has been active as OM3KAP since January 2024. She has been working with hundreds stations from all over the world in HF areas just in two days.

03. jan. 2024 (15m – orange pins, 20m – blue pins, 40m – red pins)
6. jan. 2024 (20m – red pins)

maps credit: Log Analyzer 3.2 by DL4MFM

Mia has been transmitting from our contest station OM7M and has been using transceiver YAESU FT- 101 and various YAGI monoband antenas for 10m,15m,20m, 40m. OM5NU Tibor were supporting her.

Mia with her father Tibor OM5NU (in OM7M contest station)

We will appreciate if you send her your QSL (Via buro or direct / via QSL manager OM4MM).

And what does Mia think of her first activity?
At first I was scared about everything. I thought that I forgot all words and I didn’t know what to say but later when I have done more QSO I really enjoyed that time. I have met lots of people and I had lots of fun.

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