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About us


logo_om7m_contactRadio club was founded after the Second World War in 1949 former Czechoslovakia. It consisted of a group of enthusiastics dealing with construction of HF radios and working on VHF/UHF bands. Gradually radioclub has erected HF beam (2el Cubical Quad, dipoles for low bands…) and the HF radio was FTDX 505 (150W).Radioclub was situated in the center of historical town Partizanske. The main source of interest was HF and VHF operations, especially on 20 and 40m. We took part in all major local and WW HF and VHF contests. Increased industrial QRM in the town and huge expansion of TV ,Broadcast (TVI,BCI) in 1989 resulted in our moving to the nearest village 2 km away from Partizanske to our garden camp.


We started immediately building low bands antennas (inferential Low Bands Contest Club). We built 27m vertical on TOP BAND and 2x Bobtail Curtains on 80/75m. A year later we erected first antenna mast for 20,15 and 10. Complete antenna system was finished in 1991. In 1993 we changed our call sign to OM3KAP after Czechoslovakia split of. In early 90’s we used TRX IC 751A and home-made power amplifier. The only missing antenna was 40m where we used to use vertical or loop antenna. By and by we started to build another antenna masts. First stack that we built was 2x6el on 20m (32m/20m). Then we added 3x6el. on 15m (27/18/9m) and 4el. HB9CV on 40m (35m up, this antenna is really “big gun”). At the beginning we phased it with 2 el. HB9CV but gradually we found out that it didn’t pay off. We replaced it to the tower to next direction. Another tower 35m is primary intended for 10m. We have stack of 3x6el. OWA Yagi’s on that mast. On this mast we have free slots for another 2 antennas in phase. Last tower that we’ve finished is 30m high for sub direction beaming. It’s equipped with Mosley antenna TA53M and former HB9CV on 40m. During winter we usually use beverage antennas up to 6-7 directions (max length wire is 258m). In summary we have following antennas:

80m – 2xHALF SQUARE , Dipole
40m – 4el. HB9CV, 2el HB9CV
20m – 2x6el. OWA Yagi, TA53M
15m – 3x6el. OWA Yagi, TA53M
10m – 3x6el. OWA Yagi, TA53M
Beverages for RX on low bands


We take part in all major HF contests (CQWW, CQWPX, ARRLDX, IARU, CQ160). We have a couple very experienced operators (Peter OM3PA, Rudy OM3PC, Milan OM3FW, Martin OM4MM, Steve OM5AA, Gita “Tami” OM5MF, Tibor OM5NU, Miro OM5RW, Paul OM5RM, Lubo OM5ZW) and guests (it depends who is currently available). Contest leader is Lubo OM5ZW, who is on the air more than 30 years (he started with HAM radio as a small boy). We prefer CW contests, because most of our team is former high speed telegraphy champions. Another part of our team is mechanical and electrical designers and constructers (Paul OM5BP, Rudy OM3CHR). We have tried all Multi categories (M/S, M/M, M/2) and our biggest success is European victories in CQWW in M/S and CQ WPX in M/2 and ARRL DX contest. Our favourite contest is also CQ160m, where we achieves top WW/EU ranking.