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OM7M in CQWPX SSB contest 2018

In this spring contest we prefer M/2 because it’s much more fun and easiest than M/S.

Two station without any restrictions (except band changes). If you don’t have interference from band to band it’s pleasure. We focused on 40 and 20m which were general bands for this time of sunspot cycle, but during the busy
hours it was difficult to find a clear frequency. 15m was died and we made couple of QSO’s there. 80m was quite good and we’ve made more than 300 W/VE.

Traditional goulash soup and Saturday sunny weather has improved our mood. We also tested new operator Steve OM7KW who helped us a lot.

Thanks for nice competition on with IR6T and LZ5R crew in M/2
category. CU in CW part.

Lubo,OM5ZW on behalf of OM7M