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WPX SSB contest under speciall call OM70KAP

We celebrate 70-th anniversary of our club station OM3KAP which was founded in OM70KAP was the right choice for WPX contest.

We had a nice visit from Poland – SP9LJD, who joined our team and helped us achieve such a result. Thank you, Les/Leszek for your valuable advices. Propagation was poor 80, 40 was in a good shape, but high bands was poor. We had just 2 stations without inband. We have noticed a huge dupes and it was most probably caused by using OM70 prefix.

Thanks for nice competition with EI7M guys on Anyway we had a good time with traditional goulash soup and home brew brandy.

73! from OM70KAP

Call: OM70KAP
Operator(s): Tom OK2BFN, Jan OM2IB, Peter OM3PA, Martin OM4MM, Miro OM5RW, Lubo OM5ZW, Steve OM7KW, Leszek SP9LJD
Station: OM7M
Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Slovakia
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs
160: 128
80: 1283
40: 2531
20: 2070
15: 128
10: 0
Total: 6140 Prefixes: 1542 Total Score: 27,311,904