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New claimed slovak record in CQWW – contest CW

logo_om7m_contactWhat a contest! Perfect propagation on 10m and 15m especially during the Saturday.

Sometimes we felt like on Dxpedition in Pacific.:-). It was pretty visible that our rival OM8A has left to CT3 and we were the only station from OM entity, except 80 and 20 where OM2Y and OM0M worked as SOSB.

Generally we did not have major problems during the weekend. Missed some low bands multipliers due to problem with BCC beverage box, but fortunately fixed it during Sunday. In comparison with last years even 80m was better than we expected. Usually we have lost 15-20 mults in comparison with our competitors but this time it worked. Good job Tom! We beat old EU record held by TM6M, but 4O3A were at the right time in the right place. Congrats guys!!

Regarding our other competitors we rewarded defead of SSB part our south EU rivals 9A1P and IR4M but first half of the contest the score was more less equall.Congratulations also goes to them. Anyway we had a good time and thanks for all for QSO!!

cqww-2014-cw-01from left: OM5ZW, OM5RM, OK2BFN, OM5RW

cqww-2014-cw-02from left: OM5ZW, OM5RM, OM3PA, OM5RW

Call: OM7M
Operator(s): Tom OK2BFN, Peter OM3PA, Rudy OM3PC, Tami OM5MF, Paul OM5RM, Miro OM5RW, Lubo OM5ZW
Station: OM7M

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Partizanske
Operating Time (hrs): 48

160 m       267    20    87
80 m       594    37    124
40 m    2.173    40    146
20 m    1.244    40    153
15 m    1.504    40    156
10 m    1.609    39    160
TOTAL:    7.391    826    216
TOTAL SCORE    17.961.996 pts

Merry Christmas & HNY