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CQWW contest 2016 part SSB


Call: OM7M
Operator(s): Tom OK2BFN, Lada OK2PAY, Karel OK2ZI, Milan OM2KI, Jano OM2IB, Peter OM3PA, Rudy OM3PC, Martin OM4MM, Gita „Tami“ OM5MF,  Miro OM5RW, Lubo OM5ZW

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Slovakia
Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band QSOs Zones Countries
160 m 263 11 66
80 m 874 28 108
40 m 1645 37 140
20 m 2300 37 155
15 m 864 34 153
10 m 93 19 92
Total: 6039 166 714
Total Score = 9.069.045

Nice competition as usual with three Moravian guests (Lada OK2PAY, Karel OK2ZI, Tom OK2BFN) and guys from close area. Lack of propagation we compensated with excellent Moravian fruits not only in solid form. Brand new 2-el 80m Yagi works great and open up new possibilities.

Due to the farm work during the contest, we could not fully use our beverage RX system. Missed a couple of mults there.

Message to the IR4M & 9A1P: Regarding the online score, next time we’ll be there.


Photogallery by Juro „Kaso“ & Martin OM4MM


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