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YOTA december in OM7M – part II.

Just before Christmas, OM7M/OM3KAP welcomed a big group of teen visitors, who were interested in the workings of HAM radio. Today, four of them got to use the radio for the first time in their lives.

Benjamin “Ben” was the first one working in the 20m band. Quite a pile-up of European stations formed right away. Ben was then followed by YLs – Miriam “Mima”, Aneta and Kristina “Kika”. That´s when the air went crazy, hihi. Dozens of radio stations were calling at the same time. In spite of the rush, they all managed to complete a few dozens of connections, thanks to the help of Martin OM4MM. In the end, the number of contacts totalled 92 in two really exciting hours.

And how do the young operators see their first experience with HAM radio?


Benjamin (18y):
Today we had a really great experience with my physics teacher. He showed us his hobby HAM radio. I also made some contacts with his help and it was crazy. I wasn’t nervous but when a lot of stations called me in a few seconds, it was quite stressful.




up: Kika, down left: Aneta and Mima

Miriam „Mima“ (18y):
I have never experienced anythig like this before. It is totally different from calling or chatting with somebody. Especially the fact that you, your voice can travel all around the world in such a short time.
At the end of our activity we checked up some profiles of the people we had connected with. We checked up where they’re from, the pictures they’ve posted and it made our QSOs even more personal. I feel like I have just met more than 90 people from many different countries, which in fact I did thanks to my teacher Martin OM4MM.

Aneta (17y):
Today’s experience was quite stressfull for me. When I sat on the chair I immediately forgot the whole international alphabet, but after a while I started to be less scared. After all it was really fun and amazing to talk to people from different countries.

Kristina „Kika“ (18y):
At first, I was stressed when Ben was calling ,,with the world”, I went last and I thought I would give up, but I really wanted to try it. Because it’s such a good experience and I haven’t tried anything like this. Thanks to my physics teacher I could handle the onslaught of many stations that were calling me. It wasn’t that hard how I had thought before, it was exciting and at the same crazy, because I heard people from all over the world.

Our QSOs: