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Palagruza island is situated in the middle of the Adriatic sea, between the Italian and Croatian coasts, 68 NM south of Split and 26 NM south of the island of Lastovo.Is Croatia's furthest island. There is an archeological site on the island Palagruza Velika, while numerous finds bear witness to the fact that Plagruza was the island of the Greek hero Diomedes. The island is a nature reserve with numerous endemic species of flora and fauna.

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The island itself is 1400 m long, 300 m wide and 90 m high. Lighthouse was built in 1875 .

Pope Alexander III was on Palagruza on Ash Wednesday, March 9th, 1177. While traveling with his fleet of ten galleys, he was impressed with the archipelago's beauty and decided to make a stop. He was served dinner on a small plateau on the island of Palagruza Mala, that has ever since been called "Papina njiva" (Pope's Field). After its stay on Palagruza, the fleet headed for the island of Vis, then towards Zadar and finally Venice.

There is no drinking water on the lighthous.

Palagruza lighthous has own electrical network that is powered by solar panels and transformers but devices that use a lot of power such as power amplifiers cannot be used and this is reason why we will use HONDA generator.

Source : www.adriatica.net

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